Moroccan vegetable recipes / Moroccan Taktooka

Moroccan Vegetable Recipes - Taktooka (side-dish)

To make this Great side-dish, please follow the following steps of this Moroccan Vegetable Recipes - Taktooka procedure. It's simple and straightforward...

  • You can roast your green, red and yellow peppers in your oven or on your stove, put it in a plastic bag and close for 15 to 20 minutes to make the peppers’ skin easy to peel off. Try not to wash your peppers because you want that smell of smoky roasted peppers, rinse your hands from time to time while you are peeling the peppers, then cut them to cubes or stripes and leave them on the side.
  • Prepare your sauce by cutting the tomatoes into cubes and add it to a deep skillet on medium heat
  • Add to your skillet, garlic, harissa, salt, paprika, turmeric, olive oil, and sizzle it for 2 minutes and lower to slow cook your sauce for 20 minutes.
  • Add parsley and cilantro and stir your sauce.
  • Add all your peppers and stir slowly and let it cooks for another 15 minutes and turn off your heat.


Taktooka is a served as a side dish with majority of Moroccan dished especially fried fish. It could be also a main dish for light a dinner if you cooked it with some eggs and serve it with bread.