Moroccan Mint Tea Recipes

Moroccan Mint Tea Recipes - Procedure

Moroccan mint tea recipes and preparation are well known by almost every Moroccan.
This is a typical Moroccan tea service with an engraved (Berrad) Moroccan teapot, serving tray, and tea glasses. Many families own at least one fine tea service which is reserved for special occasions, big events, and serving guests, while a more casual pot and glasses are used on a daily basis for close friends or family. Most Moroccan teapots could also be placed directly over the fire, an important step within the method of making traditional Moroccan tea.
If you don't have a Moroccan teapot (called Berrad), you can buy one online or look for another style of a stovetop-safe teapot.
Small 3oz to 4oz decorated tea glasses can also be found online, or use very small juice glasses instead.

  • In your Berrad (Moroccan teapot) or regular teapot add your green tea 
  • Boil your water
  • Add about ΒΌ cup of the boiled water to your tea to rinse it off and throw that dark water away
  • Fill your Berrad or your tea pot with the boiled water.
  • Turn on your heat in low and put your Berrad on it to boil then turn it off.
  • Add your fresh mint and sugar for taste, and leave it for 3 minutes without stirring it up.
  • Poor up your tea in your mugs or Moroccan designed tea if available.


 There is no specific time for Moroccan mint tea, we make it up to 3 times a day, and if you have unexpected guests, that is the least you can serve them with love, in some beautiful designed cups, with homemade cookies.