Moroccan Fish Recipes

Moroccan Fish Recipes / Sardine Tagine

  • Marinate the sardines with some of the sharmula sauce (put the sauce in between two sardines, just like you put both hands together style), and leave the rest for the vegetables.
  • In a clay tagine or oven large glass pan put the onions first, put on the carrots second, potatoes, Sardines , red and green peppers, tomatoes, and round lemons, it will looks like layers of colorful veggies and sardines, and top it with cilantro and parsley.
  • Add the rest of the sharmula sauce and the top and the sides of your Tagine or oven pan.  
  • Poor your oil on the top of your pan.
  • Cover your oven pan with aluminum foil 
  • Cook it on a slow heat if you are using Tagine or 350 F degrees if you are using your oven.
  • Add hot water if needed.
  • Uncover your oven pan to reduce the sauce liquid if you have a lot in your pan.


Serve your Sardines Tagine with Moroccan salad, with some homemade bread and enjoy a healthy Tagine full with a natural Omega3 and a variety of healthy vegetables.