Moroccan Beef recipes

Moroccan Beef Recipes - Tagine Procedure 

  • In a Tajin or a cooking pan add the meat, onions , parsley and cilantro , garlic, salt pepper, turmeric ,ginger powder, vegetable oil and mix until you have a nice color then add a half quarter of glass of water to the Tagine.
  • Cooking: 
  • Put the Tagine with all the ingredients or your regular cooking pan on a medium heat until you hear the sizzling then add enough water to cook your meat.
  • To cook in a Tagine always needs more time than regular pan or pressure pan.
  • Once your meat has been cooked add tomato and let it cook for 10 minutes then add the baby okra to your Tajine for 15 minutes and make sure you have enough but not too much sauce to dip in, then turn the heat off.


If you are using a Tagine, you need just to serve directly from it, but if u are using the regular cooking pan or the pressure pan serve it in a dish and present it with a Moroccan salad and hot bread.