Moroccan 7 Vegetables Couscous

Moroccan 7 Vegetables Couscous Procedure

In order for you to make this simple dish, please follow exactly all the steps of this Moroccan 7 Vegetables Couscous procedure. It's very easy and straightforward...

Vegetables Preparation:

Get all the vegetables ready by Peeling and cutting them.

Meat Preparation
  • Put the meat, olive oil, ground ginger, saffron, pepper, turmeric, and salt in the bottom of the couscous pot (Gasaa).
  • Add and mix the chopped onion with everything in the pot. Cook the meat for a few minutes, then add the fresh herbs and grated tomato to it.
  • Cover the meat with water in the pot. Then, add the drained chickpeas to the rest of the ingredients.
  • Cover the couscous pot and let everything cook for around 20 minutes at the meantime, you may start preparing the couscous.

Couscous Preparation
  • The couscous should be placed in a large plate, there is a special Moroccan traditional couscous plate called Gasaa that is made especially for couscous in Morocco.
  • Then, you may add some cold water, and stir, rub, and mix very well the couscous… and make sure that all the couscous grains get mixed with water.
  • Now, put the couscous in the couscous top plate of the couscous pot. So, it will get all the moist from the bottom part of the couscous pot.

Steaming Couscous – 1st Round.
  • Now that, after cooking the meat for 20 minutes, you may place the couscous top over the couscous bottom part. Then, try to seal the touching parts of the top and the bottom pots with a small cheesecloth or foil, to stop the steam form getting out between the two parts of the pot.
  • Let the couscous steams for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • When it’s done, try to empty the couscous in the same large plate you first used before, and start gently breaking the couscous grains with a big spoon, fork or by your hands if you can stand the heat.
  • Now, add vegetable oil, and continue mixing the couscous grains.
  • Then, add some salt, keep mixing, and taste it to see if you need to add more salt.
  • Now, you can add a little bit of water, and keep fluffing.
  • So, now, let the couscous rest while cooking the vegetables.

Cooking Root Vegetables
  • Cook the root vegetables first: carrots, turnip, and sweet potatoes as they require more time to cook.
  • After placing them with the meat, add some boiling water to cover all the ingredients.

Steaming Couscous – 2nd Round.
  • Put back the couscous in the couscous top and place it back over the pot bottom part. Again try to seal both pots.
  • Now, let the couscous steam for about 15 minutes.
  • When it’s done, put back the couscous in the large plate again, and start fluffing the grains.
  • Try to add a little bit of water and gently keep breaking all the lumps with a big spoon or a fork.
  • Now, let the couscous rest for about 5 minutes while vegetables are still cooking.

Cooking the rest of Vegetables
  • After checking all the root vegetables, if the carrots still need a bit more cooking time… but the sweet potatoes, and the turnips are ready! You need to remove them from the cooking pot and place them in a plate on the side for now.
  • After that, start adding the other vegetables: zucchini, cabbage, and pumpkin.

Steaming Couscous – 3rd Round.
  • For the last time, put the couscous in the couscous top again, and place it back over the cooking meat, and of course seal both pots.
  • Let the couscous steam for about 15 minutes or until done.
  • Then, when it’s done, empty the couscous in the same large plate, and again keep fluffing but this time with butter (or Moroccan Smen)!

Checking Vegetables and Meat
  • Now, check the vegetables and try to remove the ones that are done out of the pot.
  • The herbs need to be removed and discarded.
  • Check on the meat it still needs some more time to be well cooked.
  • Try to taste the sauce and adjust the salt and pepper as needed.
  • Now finally, put back all the veggies in the pot.
  • The cooking is now, completely done!

Congratulations! You did it.


First, place the couscous grains in a cone or a dome shape.

Pour some of the sauce over the couscous grains.

Place the meat in the center. Arrange the vegetables around and on top of the couscous.

In a separate bowl, pour the broth and serve on the side