Moroccan Lamb Meatball Recipes

Moroccan Lamb Meatball Recipes - Procedure

  • In a bowl put ground beef add to its salt, black peppers, ginger powder, paprika, cumin and some olive oil and mix well.
  • in a Tagin (preferred but u can use your cooking pan) add the grated tomatoes ,tomato paste ,garlic ,parsley and cilantro , salt ,pepper, paprika, turmeric , cumin, chili olive oil and vegetable oil equally. Then mix well until you have a nice looking flavored sauce.
  • Cooking: 
  • Put the Tajin or cooking pan on a medium heat for 15 minutes then till the sauce cooked and you can add water as needed.
  • Add the meat ball to the sauce and try to separate it equally in your Tajin, but if you are using the pan it will be fine. Let it cook for 10 minutes then add the eggs for another 5 minutes, after that turn heat off also you can add a pinch of salt ,pepper, and Cumin on the top of the eggs to give it some more flavor.


If you are using Tagin you can serve in it, but if you are using your cooking pan , first you need to take the eggs from the pan carefully and put them in a serving dish, second poor the meat balls and the sauce equally in the dish. You can eat with flat bread or French bread.