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Moroccan Fish

Fish Tagine


1fish (2. ½ lb.)Sniper bone in and cleaned (sniper her is optional, you can use any kind of boneless fish)
2 large potatoes peeled and cut into circles
1 large tomatoes cut into circles
1 green pepper cut into circles
1 red pepper cut into circles
2 carrots peeled and cut into circles
2 fresh lemons (1 lemon and ½ juiced it and the other half I cut it into circles)
1 large onion peeled and cut into circles (optional)
3 to 4 large crushed cloves of garlic
Parsley and cilantro chopped finely
¼ tsp. of Harissa (Moroccan hot sauce)
½ tsp. of paprika
1tsp. of tomato paste
½ tsp. of ground cumin
Vegetable oil

Roasted Fish


1 ½ lbs Halibut cut into 4 filets (Or any thick fleshed fish)
A handful finely chopped Cilantro
A handful finely chopped Parsley 
1 tablespoon coarsely chopped Capers, 
2 cloves minced of Garlic
1 ½ teaspoon of paprika 
1 teaspoon grated of ginger
4 thin slices of lemon
Lemon juice of one lemon
3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
Salt and pepper
Pinch red pepper flakes

Sardines Tagine


1 lb. of fresh clean sardines
2 roundly sliced potatoes
2 roundly sliced carrots
1 green pepper roundly sliced
1 red pepper roundly sliced
1 red onion roundly sliced
1 roundly sliced lemon
1 large tomato roundly sliced
1 tbsp. of cilantro and parsley
Sharmula (You can find the recipe in Casseroles and others’ tab)
¼ cup of vegetable oil

Fried sardines


2 lb. of fresh and cleaned Sardines
5 crushed garlic cloves
1 bunch of finely grated parsley and cilantro
1 tbsp. of paprika
1 tsp. of fresh ground cumin
Juice of 1 lemon
½ of turmeric
1 cup of all-purpose floor
Vegetable oil for frying

The Origine of Moroccan cuisine

Traditional Moroccan dishes are rich and delicious, it demonstrates that Moroccan cuisine is one of the richest cuisines in the world. Featuring a wide range of traditional dishes: couscous, tagine, BBQ, soups, spices, olives, salads, tea and sweets...
In addition to the diversity of the Moroccan traditional dishes, and the authenticity of Moroccan cuisine derived from a multitude of influences, such as the Arabic dishes coming from the Abbasids time and the Amazigh kitchen with the famous couscous dishes in particular. The Moroccan cuisine embodied in tagines, influenced by the South Africa's cuisine, the Sahara cuisine, and the cuisine of South Asia, as well as all the cuisines coming from the Arab and Muslim world. It is not a coincidence that Moroccan kitchen in the second largest in the world as the best "art of cooking" in the world after French cuisine, although we know that the Moroccan cuisine is the best.
Here in our website are some of those traditional Moroccan dishes that will drive you to prepare and taste some of your favorites. It is certain that many of us Moroccans discovered those dishes through our mothers, wives and various events.